Hiking makes you healthy? Health hiking definitely!


Hiking along the maars of the Volcanic Eifel

Health hiken? Never heard of it? TheGerman Hiking Associationhas brought this idea to life. According to the motto "Let's go - every step keeps you fit", people hike, of course. But the special thing happens on the way. In the middle of nature, exercises are done together with the group in beautiful places, which improve not only strength and endurance, but also coordination. In addition, the participants will learn to move safely in the forest and field, to get to know their bodies better and to strengthen them, to leave everyday life behind while hiking and: have fun!

Anyone who wants to stay or become physically fit - and prefers to be outdoors rather than in the gym - can join in.

The health hiking is also actually healthy proves now astudy of the University Halle-Wittenberg. The results: Already after a short time the Body Mass index, body fat is reduced, and there are even effects on the circulatory system. The test subjects' endurance capacity and coordination also improved significantly. According to the researchers, it has now also been scientifically proven that hiking strengthens health resources.

Who would also like to health hiking or to become ahealth hiking guidewill find all Information at the German Hiking Association.

And of course, even without a certificate, we are certain: Hiking is healthy! - Especially on thewonderful paths in them HealthyLand Volcanic Eifel!

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