Decelerating mindfulness weekend in the monastery

Escape. Decelerate. Relax.


Escape your thoughts and find back to more serenity in everyday life. Make this decelerating mindfulness weekend in the monastery the starting signal for a more balanced way of life.

When the hustle and bustle of everyday life threatens to overwhelm and your thoughts are dominated by to-do lists, future plans and musings, it's time to make a change. Find the courage to break free and focus on your own needs. This mindfulness weekend in the monastery gives you the starting signal to do so.

Mindfulness is a technique to be in HERE and NOW. It helps you to perceive yourself better, to understand yourself and to become more relaxed. You will meet like-minded people who, like you, want to leave the daily grind behind and find a new inner balance through peace and meditation.

Enjoy the silence and the power in the historic monastery ambience of Himmerod Abbey and its beautiful surroundings. Look forward to mindfulness exercises, meditations and Qi-Gong sessions on the extensive monastery grounds, in the nature of the Eifel as well as in the associated meditation room. As a mindfulness coach and meditation trainer, Alexandra Walsleben will support you this weekend with various exercises for breathing, mindfulness and body awareness.

Your included services

  • 2 nights in the guesthouse of Himmerod Abbey
  • Full board (vegetarian or with meat)
  • Presentation mindfulness
  • Mindfulness exercises like walking meditation, bodyscan, pleasure training
  • Qi-Gong-Einheiten, Kakaozeremonien am Morgen, Waldbaden in der Natur und Meditation im Meditationsraum
  • Utensils such as meditation cushion, yoga mat, benches are available
  • Final round with tips for everyday life
  • Parking lot

Your price per person


499,00 €
im Doppelzimmer mit Bad

519,00 € im Einzelzimmer mit Etagenbad

539,00 € im Einzelzimmer mit Bad


More info


  • 05. - 07.01.2024
  • 15. - 17.03.2024
  • 03. - 05.05.2024
  • 13. - 15.09.2024
  • 15. - 17.11.2024

Start on Fridays from 15.00, end after lunch together on Sunday.

Offer in cooperation with Alexandra Walsleben from awieachtsam.

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