Wax manufacture Moll

Handmade candles from Manderscheid


Visit the HealthyLand Vulkaneifel one of the few wax drawing masters in Germany and make your very own candle. At the Moll wax manufactory, you can not only book guided tours, but also become an artisan yourself at workshops. Wax drawing is a special experience for young and old.

When you enter the old farmhouse in Manderscheid, the smell of honey and wax immediately hits your nose. Beeswax lights, glittering unicorns, local fossils.: Dhe creativity knows no bounds when working with wax. T he manufactory produces traditional as well as modern candles, diversely designed wax goods and individual one-of-a-kind pieces. Look on a tour Master wax maker Michael Moll at the work over his shoulder or try your hand at wax drawing yourself. Workshops are offered for youth groups and children, where participants can learn all about traditional candle making and the history of candles, and then make their own candles.

During guided tours you will learn everything about the history of the wax light and the tradition of this old handicraft. Tours are possible at any time during opening hours.

The handmade candles can be purchased both in the online store and on site. A very special souvenir of the vacation in the HealthyLand Vulkaneifel are the Eifel lava candles, which are made exclusively from local materials. These are candle holders made of black lava ash and filled with beeswax - a reminder of your trip to Candle Manufactory and the region where volcanoes once spewed fire and ash.



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