Ulmener Maar gallery & digital discovery tour

Experience elm trees anew


Underground connection between two Eifel maars: The Ulmen Maar gallery

Visit the new Ulmen Maar gallery now! The ancient gallery connects the youngest maar of the Eifel, the Ulmener Maar, with one of the oldest Eifel maars, the Ulmener Jungferweiher.

You can imagine the Maar gallery as a cave-like cross-section through a volcano. It is a 126 meter long and 2 to 6 meter high cave, which you can visit independently and without protective equipment. At the narrowest point, the tunnel is just 70 cm wide. The Maar gallery allows you to experience thousands of years of the earth's history up close: If you look closely, you can discover the numerous, different sediment layers that testify to the volcanic past of the region; or the glittering rock remains that originate from Lake Laach. In terms of earth history, the Ulmen gallery is thus a true treasure. Approximately in the middle of the gallery there is a geological showroom in the form of a small chamber. Signs show you where you can observe special geological outcrops. When you visit the gallery, you will notice that in some places there are large nets hanging from the walls and ceiling - these are for your safety and make it possible for you to experience the gallery without protective clothing such as a helmet.

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The Ulmener Maar-Stollen is accessible free of charge during the following opening hours:
April till September06.00 - 20.00
October till March08.00 - 17.00

Parkmöglichkeiten findest du am Campingplatz Ulmen (Ladestraße/ Straße Am Weiher) und am Marktplatz und dem Alten Postplatz. Menschen mit Gehbehinderungen parken am besten auf dem Behindertenparkplatz am Campingplatz am Jungferweiher und beachten, dass der Stollen nur von der Seite des Jungferweihers barrierefrei ist.

The gallery is under video surveillance. Passage by bicycle is not permitted.

Ulmen discovery tour

A digital journey through time in the Volcanic Eifel


The interactive experience in and around Ulmen with children's quiz.

The new "Ulmen Discovery Tour" enables a digital journey through time in the historic Eifel town of Ulmen. All you need is a smartphone! Along the 3.7-kilometer tour, blue signs with QR codes point you to 24 "pickpoints" - where you can experience Ulmen interactively! Behind the QR codes are short videos that breathe new life into old stories. The protagonists blur the boundaries between reality and film. For example, what does the Ulmen castle jester or Knight Heinrich of the castle have to say? What does Harry Haubentaucher tell about the flora and fauna of the Jungferweiher and what does the gargoyle talk about?

The stories immerse young and old in Ulmen's past and present. The audiovisual experience takes you to the Ulmen Maar, to the Jungferweiher and through the new Maar gallery. Finally, a digital quiz awaits you at the castle, which is aimed primarily at children. If you answer all the questions correctly, you can look forward to a special souvenir from Ulmen.

It is possible to join the tour at any point. The whole tour takes about 2.5 hours including walking time and pickpoints. You can also split the tour and continue at a later time.

Discover elm without barriers

The entire circular route around the Jungferweiher is barrier-free. In addition, some "pickpoints" are also designed barrier-free, so that the content can also be experienced in easy language or with translation into sign language.