Maya the Bee soon also in Ulmen?


Fun with children in nature

It's buzzing around the Antonius Cross in Ulmen. But you still have to look closely to find the little brown and yellow bees. The new residents have only just moved into their new home. tirelessly tireless search for nectar and pollen between the bright purple heath and the fragrant orchard, which they bring to their newly installed homes. Local beekeepers and the Ulmen tourist office have come up with something very special for this idyllic spot: a 1.5 km bee trail provides information about the life and work of these important farm animals.


Take-off and landing can be observed up close: be it on the safe side behind a pane of glass or very close during the approach to the straw baskets made in the traditional way. But it is not only honey bees that have been given a new home in Ulmen: An insect hotel offers many different nesting opportunities elsewhere for solitary bee species, hoverflies and other insects.Together with many children, the "hotel rooms" were built at the opening of the bee nature trail. The best way to listen to the hustle and bustle is with closed eyes on one of the relaxing loungers or among the magnificent heather. And the honey bread tastes especially sweet at the picnic area with a view of the village and the surrounding hills.

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