My tip: Small vitamin bombs in the fruity autumn


My tip: Small vitamin bombs in the fruity autumn

I just came from Berlin. A wonderful city full of life and action. Every day at least four appointments, talks and culture. Walking through Berlin, you have to be very attentive and move in crowds. Everything is full of sounds, smells and lights. As soon as I sat on the train I realized that I was pretty knackered. Actually completely clear, it's too much and too crowded. The constant influences in the city are absorbed unconsciously and stress us.

How wonderful it is, on the other hand, in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. Let's just put it this way: Everything is in flow here. The air now in October is clear and fresh, it smells of earth and fruit. Nature is full of colors and experiences.

So on my walks through the GesundLand in autumn, I always find very special fruit at the edge of the forest, in hedges, embankments and bird sanctuaries. It is the time of the wild fruit. Small vitamin bombs for in between, because many fruits can be enjoyed directly fresh, such as rose hips, barberry, cherry plums or cornel cherries - the pure fresh pleasure.

But I am a very special fan of the mountain ash, whose fruits can now be harvested everywhere in orange-red umbels in the beautiful autumn landscape of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. In expert circles, the mountain ash is known as the "lemon of the north" because it exceeds the vitamin C content of the lemon by 80 percent. Don't worry, the rumor that it is poisonous is absolutely false. There are even great cultivated varieties for the garden today.
While I'm harvesting, I easily come back to my center. Just by thinking about what I can best do with the fruit. They taste best candied or as jelly.

Now, when I go back to the big meetings, I have brought everything back into balance - through grounding and the gifts of natural fruits.
I can only recommend a time-out in the beautiful autumn landscape to everyone, because you only remain efficient if you create a balance from the tranquility of nature and the liveliness of everyday life.

Yours, Heike Boomgaarden

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