On the Hohenzollertower in Bad Bertrich


On the Hohenzollertower in Bad Bertrich

Now I'm not exactly a sports fan and prefer to relax according to the motto "get out of the daily grind - up on the couch". But sometimes... it's not the couch in the living room that tempts me, but the forest sofa. The forest sofa at the Hohenzollern tower in Bad Bertrich.

Here I also lie comfortably, put my legs up, close my eyes and relax involuntarily - but here I breathe fresh clean air and am directly in nature. And there's background music here, too: namely, delicate birdsong accompanied by soft rustling leaves. If then still the sun shines warmly in the face... nothing more is missing. Yes, exactly this idyllic place here is really sun-drenched. And when I open my eyes again: the view sweeps over forests, over Eifel heights and the whole of Bad Bertrich lies at my feet. Sometimes until sunset.

Up here on the forest sofa, it's easy to get the feeling of being "above things" in the truest sense of the word. Not exactly above the clouds, but you quickly feel like Reinhard Mey in his song: ...what seems big and important to you then becomes trivial and small.

A visit to the forest sofa at the Hohenzollern tower above Bad Bertrich is good for the body and soul. And then, quite incidentally, it is a little landscape therapy in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. So a little sport can be quite nice after all.

Maybe not an insider tip - but definitely a favorite place and easy to find:

From the Bad Bertrich swan pond, follow the marked hiking trail no. 6 in the direction of the Hohenzollern tower and after just half an hour's hike on a moderately ascending path, the forest sofa awaits you just below the Hohenzollern tower. At any time of the year...

Maybe it will soon be your favorite place in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel.

Those arriving by car, park at the parking lot east!


Author: Pia Rheinhard

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