There is the bomb!


There is the bomb!

Let's continue with my discovery tour through the Volcanic Eifel. Next stop: Strohn! For Strohn we have taken a whole day. After all, there is more to see here than "just" the lava bomb. Thanks to very good signposting, we quickly found our first destination, the lava bomb. Passing through a residential area, at the end of the street our daughter called from the back seat in the car: There is the bomb! And just like on our first trip to GesundLand Vulkaneifel, we had barely turned off the engine before the door opened and our daughter jumped out of the car. "Mom, take a picture...quick! For school, so everyone can see that I was at the bomb". It's a great feeling when the kids are so enthusiastic and enjoy nature in all its facets so much. Next to the lava bomb with its 5 meters in diameter and a weight of over 120 tons, we look pretty small.

On several display boards the formation of lava bombs is explained clearly and with many pictures. Right next to the lava bomb is a small picnic table. Perfect to unpack our food and drink a tea comfortably. Again and again hikers and walkers passed by and many a friendly conversation developed. I've noticed that in GesundLand more than once: Many people are incredibly nice and accommodating! One feels directly that guests are welcome and that the locals are also interested in their guests.

The next highlight on our day trip: the small bridge over the Alfbach. It had rained a little beforehand, light fog rose and when we walked across the bridge, there was a touch of mysticism in the air.

After a short walk we came back to the car and we drove on to the Volcano House. On the forecourt, our children made stones ring and only with effort did we manage to get them into the museum. But when we arrived there, we were very happy: Especially the lava wall was very interesting for us. In the lava house there are many hands-on stations, including feeling lava stones, admiring floating stones, exploring volcanic gases and extinguishing a flame with CO2...

As a little souvenir, our kids picked out a small bottle with gold leaf decorated lava rock pieces. You can tell a great day by the fact that the kids fall asleep in the car within a minute 🙂

Author: L. Konz

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