The "golden hour" at the virgin pond in Ulmen


The "golden hour" at the virgin pond in Ulmen

On photo tour through the Eifel

"The early bird catches the worm " - true to this motto, this morning I went on a photo safari around the Jungferweiher in Ulmen. This proverb fits not only when it comes to getting up every morning, but also when you want to take beautiful landscape photos. The photographers always talk about a "golden hour" when it comes to landscape photography, the hour just before sunrise and this magical, golden hour I was allowed to experience up close today.

Fog, almost like a fairy tale forest

My tour began in complete fog that darkened everything. However, it was not a threatening darkness, but rather an auspicious one. All the leaves and grasses were covered with hoarfrost in the most beautiful textures, shapes and patterns. Even the spider webs were covered in frost and everything was somehow connected. Abstract art, created by nature but not at all artificial, just pure, pure nature. With every movement, the frost crackles under the soles of my shoes. A wonderful feeling! My breath pushes little clouds into the cold morning air and no sound is heard. Only this soft crackling and an expectant silence are in the air. Expectant? Yes, really! Everything is waiting for the sun to break through the mist and wake nature from your nightly sleep and announce the new day.

When the first rays of the sun hit the ground, the trees, the grasses, everything begins to crackle and crackle, you can hear how the crystalline frost crown shatters, how crystalline becomes liquid again and everything awakens from the previous nightly rigidity. Nature stretches and yawns, stretches its feelers towards the sun and casts off the nocturnal shadows and hoarfrost bit by bit, water drop by water drop.

The sun's rays continue to spread, bathing everything in warm light. The hoarfrost has disappeared, the "golden hour" is coming to an end, but the memory of this incredibly enriching experience remains.

Author: L. Rinneburger

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