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A few days ago I had to move all my pictures from my phone's memory card to my PC because I had hardly any space left and couldn't take any new pictures. That was quite exciting and some pictures I have already not even thought about...Anyway...photographing is really easy today in contrast to the past..and how quickly you have made hundreds of pictures? 

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With my comfortable walking shoes in my luggage, I set off for the Meerfelder Maar, near Manderscheid. The Meerfelder Maar is 200 m deep, embedded in the largest Maar funnel of the Eifel. South of the Maar is the village of the same name, Meerfeld. A very small, idyllic place in the Eifel.

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The castle pond has received its name not without reason. A connection with the castle, whether count's or elector's pond, is probably present. About 800 m above the castle pond, the water is taken from the Lieser and led to the castle pond via a canal, which is initially very narrow and then widens at the main pond and meanders kidney-shaped around the mountain. The water then runs back to the Lieser via the outlet.

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