My GesundLand favorite place


My GesundLand favorite place

The castle pond in Manderscheid


The castle pond has received its name not without reason. A connection with the castle, whether count's or elector's pond, is probably present. About 800 m above the castle pond, the water is taken from the Lieser and led to the castle pond via a canal, which is initially very narrow and then widens at the main pond and meanders kidney-shaped around the mountain. The water then runs back to the Lieser via the outlet.

Today the pond is a special natural monument, partially covered with water lilies. Here I can really relax and especially observe nature and interesting it is at any time of year. A real oasis of peace opens up if you take the time to linger there for half an hour or even an hour, close your eyes and feel the power of this extraordinary place or sense the sounds of Mother Nature. For example, I recognize the dragonflies, true flight artists, or I hear the drumming of the woodpeckers. This grounds me and connects me directly with nature all around. This is how one can truly draw energy from the primal nature of the Volcanic Eifel. By the way, the Burgweiher is directly on the route of the premium hiking trail "Grafschaft-Pfad".

Burgweiher Manderscheid - a GesundLand place of the extra class

Author: Rainer Schmitz

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