Natural paradise Holzmaar


Winter dream at Holzmaar

Now I've been working in the beautiful Volcanic Eifel for almost a year and yet I see something new every day.

This morning I spontaneously grabbed the camera and used the sunny weather to take a little trip through the Volcanic Eifel.
In the back of my mind, I always have one goal in mind: to have seen all the maars in the Eifel at least until the summer.
I know the Ulmener Maar very well due to numerous midday walks. The Schalkenmehrener Maar, the GemĂĽndener Maar and the Weinfelder Maar I got to know during a hiking tour through the Eifel last summer.

First, I pulled out a map and looked to see which maars were in the immediate area. Holzmaar. Funny, I have already read something about it on our website but the Maar itself I have not yet seen. So my goal for today was set: Let's go explore the Holzmaar.
For all those who have heard little or nothing about the Holzmaar: it is located between Gillenfeld and Eckfeld in the middle of a nature reserve and is almost completely surrounded by forest.
Especially recommended is the tour around the maar - also does not take long 🙂 Here are a few impressions of my tour.

My conclusion: A beautiful place to switch off and enjoy nature to the fullest. The fish-rich waters are a true paradise for anglers. Absolutely recommendable!

Author: T. Platten

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