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Preserve orchards and protect habitats

Since spring, nature lovers in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel have been able to take on an apple tree sponsorship with Leo Lenerz from the Scheunencafé Gillenfeld and experience the apple year up close during spring pruning, apple harvesting and pressing. Every apple tree sponsor actively contributes to the preservation of the meadow orchards and secures the habitat of countless animal and plant species in the Volcano Land. In an interview, Leo Lenerz explains what apple tree sponsorship entails and how he came to grow fruit.

Mr. Lenerz, since the beginning of the year it has been possible to become a sponsor of one of your apple trees. Who is the sponsorship aimed at?

L. Lenerz: I think that especially environmentally conscious, sustainability-loving and nature-loving people will enjoy the sponsorship. But it is also very suitable as a gift for anyone who particularly appreciates and loves nature, or for those who would like to discover nature for themselves anew.

What makes apple tree sponsorship a sustainable project?

L. Lenerz: The orchard meadows are a valuable component of the cultural landscape in the Volcanic Eifel and provide a habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Through the financial means of the sponsorship, new trees can be planted and the already existing trees can be cared for. Thus, every sponsor actively contributes to the preservation of this ecosystem worth protecting.

Do other apple varieties grow in your orchards than the ones you can buy in the supermarket?

L. Lenerz: Yes, because I grow old varieties that are adapted to the climate of the Eifel, such as the Eifeler Rambour, the Bohnapfel or the Trierer Weinapfel. These old varieties are resistant to fruit tree canker and can also cope well with longer dry periods like we had this year. I personally like the Eifeler Rambour best because it is tart and has firm flesh.

What do apple tree mentors learn in the orchard?

L. Lenerz: That's not so easy to answer because the sponsorship is still in its infancy. But I'm sure it will be nice for the sponsors to watch their own tree grow and eventually harvest and eat apples from their own tree. Each godparent learns how to interact with nature. Harvesting and pressing together is of course a special nature experience that you don't get everywhere like this - not in the city anyway. Because then you see the result of your work.

It's obvious that you are fully in your element when it comes to fruit growing. But how did you come to cultivate apple trees in the first place?

L. Lenerz: Honestly? I don't know it any other way. My father already planted the trees and we made sap together. I took over the whole thing and expanded it a bit. After my father died, I put it on hold for five years. But when I saw the fully hanging apple trees, I just had to start again at some point. It's too bad about the fruit otherwise!

In what form do you like apples best?

L. Lenerz: That's a good question. I love to drink you! Apple juice and Viez are already great, but Glühviez is my personal favorite!

Finally, do you have any tips on what you can do in your own garden for species and plant diversity?

L. Lenerz: It's not that difficult: Do without gravel gardens, build an insect hotel - a small version of which even fits on any balcony - and simply don't be so clean. Every pile of leaves creates a habitat.


Looking for a gift? Give the gift of apple tree sponsorship now!

Each sponsor receives:

  • Tree with personalized name tag
  • personal certificate of sponsorship
  • annually a box of 6 with a choice of apple juice, Viez or Glühviez
  • the opportunity to participate in spring pruning, apple harvesting and wine pressing
  • u.v.m

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