Fill up with warmth on cold days in the Vulkaneifel Therme Bad Bertrich


Start the new year with me-time: The Vulkaneifel Therme Bad Bertrich

For many people, one of their resolutions for 2023 is to focus more on their own well-being. Not surprisingly, the challenges of the past few months have thrown some people off balance.

A relaxing time out in the spa and sauna helps to regain inner balance and prevent stress. The Vulkaneifel Therme in Bad Bertrich promises relaxation for body and soul.

It is the unique Glauber salt water of the Bad Bertrich mountain spring that makes the Vulkaneifel Therme special. Its healing properties were already known to the Romans: They were the first to enclose the spring and use the warm water. The Glauber salt water - named after the German pharmacist and chemist Johann Rudolf Glauber - rises to the surface in Bad Bertrich with a pleasant 32 ° Celsius natural heat, making it the only Glauber salt thermal spring in Germany. From a depth of 2.3 kilometers, the water brings many treasures: It is enriched with numerous minerals, which account for its beneficial effects.

Thus, a bath in Glauber's salt water in the Vulkaneifel Therme alleviates inflammatory rheumatic diseases and degenerative diseases of the joints and spine. The minerals clear the respiratory tract and stimulate the bronchial tubes. The skin also benefits from bathing in Glauber's salt water: your cells are better supplied with blood and the natural brine descales the skin - a real boon.

In the Vulkaneifel Therme, wellness lovers can choose from a wide variety of treatments. From the classic massage to the Thai treatment to the hot stone, no wishes remain unfulfilled. How about a Vulkan soap foam brushing, for example? In this brushing, exclusive soap is foamed into a creamy texture with the addition of Volcano Natural Fango. A wash with this skin-nourishing soap cream is used for gentle deep cleansing. Brushing relaxes the muscles and tightens the tissue.

Those who love relaxed sweating can look forward to the sauna world of the Vulkaneifel Therme. Five saunas are spread over a comfortably designed indoor area and a spacious outdoor area and offer a choice of sauna experiences from 50° to 100° Celsius. Seasonal infusions provide pleasant variety. The scents in the steam bath with a temperature of 50° Celsius and a humidity of 80 to 100% vitalize skin and hair and at the same time have a liberating effect on the respiratory tract.

The spacious relaxation area of the Vulkaneifel Therme invites you to take a break afterwards. Arrive, switch off, recharge. The magnificent surroundings of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel make a stay in the Vulkaneifel Therme perfect: the small spa town of Bad Bertrich is somewhat hidden on the edge of the Eifel in the Üssbach Valley. Its dreamy atmosphere and the towering slopes that enclose it like a small nest provide the ideal setting for time out full of peace and relaxation.

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