Hiking in the Volcanic Eifel: On the adventure trail Achterhöhe


On a discovery tour on the Achterhöhe adventure trail

For the last week I had planned to do the 5 km longadventure trail AchterhöheinLutzerathto hike. So I packed my backpack at noon and went by car in the direction of Lutzerath. Arrived at theHiking parking lot Clay hillI laced up my hiking boots and began my hike. Near a holy hut stood an information board. On the basis of the board I was able to get a good overview of the course of the adventure trail and I was curious what to expect.

At the beginning, we went down into the valley on an asphalt road. Along the way sunflowers grew and I had a beautiful wide view of the surrounding area. In the far distance I could see Lutzerath and then I made my way in the direction of Strotzbüsch in. After a few kilometers the asphalt road changed to a wide and well paved hiking trail. There was also the firstexperience pointwhere I could find out something about badger burrows on an information board. Further it went on the way along fields and aheath area. I imagined how it would probably look here in the spring. When the heather blooms and the meadows are decorated with flowers, then this hike is guaranteed to be a very special nature experience.


Then, after some time, a wooded area appeared, along which the hiking trail led uphill for a bit. Finally I saw the signposting to theEifelblick Achterhöhe. Full of anticipation, I took the path through a small forest and could then take a first look at the viewpoint. Cautiously I made the first steps on theSkywalkof the Achterhöhe. Then, at a height of 400 meters, I could enjoy the unique view of thevalley of the Ueßbachenjoy. During the hike, the cloud cover had broken up more and more and so I decided to enjoy the warming rays of the sun during a short rest on theforest sofato enjoy. From there I could let my gaze roam over the landscape, enjoy the peace and listen to the rustling of the wind in the leaves.

Rested and strengthened we went down through acoppice. Also on this part of the trail the signage was always very clear and there was no difficulty to follow the path. After some time the forest cleared again and I reached the next experience point. In keeping with the theme, there was an impressive ant hill next to the information board. There I could vividly learn something about the small creepy-crawlies. The last section of the adventure trail led across meadows and fields to theThree Oaks Hutwhich was adjoined by a playground. A great end to the hike for families with children.

Arriving back at my car I was a little exhausted, but glad to have used the afternoon for the hike. The magnificent vistas and the breathtaking view from the Eifelblick Achterhöhe make the adventure trail something very special. This hike is not only suitable for beginners, but also for families with children. Together you can learn something about the unique natural landscape of the Volcanic Eifel at the different experience points.

More information about the hike can be found in the tour description atOutdooractive.

Julia Schmitz

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