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Recently I was allowed to participate in a NATURE ACTIVE EXPERIENCE guided tour by relaxation coach Gabi Reuter. During the walk through Manderscheid, the medieval past of the magnificent natural and cultural landscape was to be thematized. The walk started in the early afternoon at the main entrance of the Maarmuseum. In the very warm weather, we set off with a small group of four people in total in the direction of the Mosenberg. There, our hiking guide gave us a short introduction to volcanology.

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At the Ulmen castle ruins, I immersed myself in the world of knights at the weekend. In bright sunshine, I walked alongside many other visitors through the narrow streets of the small Eifel town up to the castle ruins, to look at the promised knight fights, merchants and craftsmen, who had announced themselves for two days above the Ulmen Maar, times from close.

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