Cold season: stay healthy with nature


Cold season: stay healthy with nature

Now the cold season begins, everyone around you sneezes and coughs. Why is this actually the case in autumn?
Once, of course, it is due to the cooler temperatures, but not - as we sometimes believe - due to the cold air. No, it's because we like to stay in heated rooms in the often uncomfortable weather. But the heated air is not only cozy and warm for us, viruses and bacteria also feel right at home in rooms where it is warm and dry and can multiply quickly. In addition, our mucous membranes dry out in heated air and can no longer act as the natural protective shield against the unwanted invaders. If someone in the office or at home catches a cold, it's only a matter of time before we catch it too.

But you can do something about it, and it's quite simple: get outside! Strengthen yourself and your immune system with brisk walks in the humid autumn air, even if it's raining lightly - that's the best training against the common cold.

Here offers the beautiful landscape in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. In the morning the Maare In the morning, the maars are still hidden in the early morning fog, but then, in the course of the day, the landscape opens up and a wonderful panorama reveals itself. After a hike through the lively nature, your immune system is in full swing and your mucous membranes are wonderfully supplied with blood. Now no cold will manage to annoy you anymore.

And if you want to treat yourself to the icing on the cake for your immune system, use the rest of the day to visit a spawhere you can strengthen your immune system with sauna sessions and feel the beneficial effects of medicinal water.

I wish you a healthy autumn.

Yours, Heike Boomgaarden

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