Weekend trip to the Volcanic Eifel


Weekend trip to the Volcanic Eifel

In late summer I spent a long weekend in the Volcanic Eifel. Certainly not for the last time, because the area is really beautiful and a destination for every season. You will certainly not get bored with the many sights and especially the beautiful nature - so the Volcanic Eifel is ideally suited for a day trip, short vacation or even for a longer stay!

Beautiful landscape marked by volcanism

The volcanic Eifel in the northwest of Rhineland-Palatinate is the land of maars and volcanoes. The geological development of millions of years and volcanism have left their traces here. And these traces are beautiful: rivers rippling through green valleys, extinct volcanic cones, the mountain ranges of the low mountain range Eifel and the typical Eifel maars. This is what makes the area around Daun and Manderscheid so unique.

Activities, sights and destinations in the Volcanic Eifel

Hiking: The Manderscheider Burgenstieg

The Volcanic Eifel is an ideal destination for hikers. From easy to challenging, there are hiking tours for every taste and fitness level. Among the most famous hiking trails are the Eifelsteig and the Lieserpfad.
The circular trail "Manderscheider Burgenstieg" is about six kilometers long - a beautiful hike with magnificent views of the double castle complex and the town of Manderscheid. You should bring surefootedness and good shoes. Because it goes on narrow nature paths through the forest, below the Lieser ripples before itself.
The Eifelblick Belvedere - a vantage point with a distant view - invites you to take a break before the climb to the Oberburg follows. Another vantage point lies along the way: from the Kaisertempelchen you have a unique view of the Niederburg.

Cycling: The Maare Moselle Cycle Route

The Eifel is also a popular destination for cyclists. One of the most beautiful railroad tracks in Germany is the 58 km long Maare-Mosel cycle pathwhich leads from Daun to Bernkastel-Kues. The route is ideal for recreational cyclists and families, because there are hardly any climbs - but many sights along the way. The bike tour is varied, it leads over viaducts and bridges, through tunnels and forests. You cycle past blue maars and extinct volcanoes to the Moselle.

Enjoy: Goat cheese dairy Vulkanhof

In Gillenfeld, embedded in the landscape of the Vulkaneifel, lies the goat dairy Vulkanhof. The family-run farm was awarded as one of the best cheese dairies in the whole of Germany. During a tour of the farm, you can take a look behind the scenes of cheese production - from goat husbandry to the milking parlor to the cheese dairy. The barn is bright and open, with the scent of home-grown hay over everything. 200 goats have a species-appropriate home here. You should definitely try the goat cheese specialties!

Amaze: Volcano House and Lava Bomb Strohn

At Volcano House in Strohn volcanic phenomena are shown vividly, and small experiments can be tried out interactively. The highlight is the lava wall, which was found in a nearby quarry in 1992. The mysterious illumination makes it even more mystical. The impressive lava bomb is located at the end of the village.

Relaxing in nature: Eifel maars

They are considered the landmarks of the volcanic Eifel: the water-filled maars. They were formed thousands of years ago by eruptions of water vapor, the funnel-shaped depressions filled with water. In the HealthyLand Volcanic Eifel eight of the ten still water-filled maars are located and are popular destinations for nature excursions. In some, such as the Meerfelder Maar, you can even swim.

Relax: Volcanic Eifel Spa Bad Bertrich

The Vulkaneifel Therme in Bad Bertrich offers a modern bathing landscape with outdoor area, adventure saunas and wellness treatments. Ideal to relax, recover from stressful everyday life and recharge your batteries. The Vulkaneifel Therme is the only Glauber salt thermal spa in Germany. From a depth of over 2000 meters, the thermal water comes to the surface with its minerals and a temperature of 32 degrees.

Come to rest: Himmerod Monastery

In the 12th century the Himmerod Monastery was founded by Cistercian monks. Visitors can tour the imposing baroque church and take a look at the monastery 's book and art store, nursery and fishery or go on a discovery tour in the museum in the "Old Mill". You can then fortify yourself in the Himmerod monastery restaurant: regional Eifel cuisine is served with fresh products from the region and vegetables and herbs directly from the monastery garden cultivated by the monks.

Celebrate: Historical castle festival in Manderscheid

On the last weekend in August, the Manderscheid Castle Festival the Middle Ages come alive again: In front of the breathtaking backdrop of the Niederburg, jugglers, minnesingers and jugglers show their skills, knights prove their bravery in exhibition fights. Soap makers, potters, lantern makers, felt makers and garment makers offer their wares at the medieval craftsmen 's market. Many visitors to the festival also dress up in historical costumes.
The highlight of the castle festival is the knights' tournament followed by fireworks over the Niederburg.

Overnight stay: Hotel Heidsmühle

During my weekend in the Volcanic Eifel, my accommodation was the beautifully located Hotel Heidsmühle on the outskirts of Manderscheid. The family-run hotel is located in the countryside, in the middle of the forest on the banks of the Kleine Kyll. Ducks and swans swim in the hotel's own pond. On the sun terrace you can enjoy Eifel specialties while listening to the babbling of the brook and the murmur of the mill wheel. Trout, freshly caught and served on the plate, cavort in the water basins.

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