The thermal and mineral spring in Strotzbüsch


The thermal and mineral spring in Strotzbüsch

For one of our new projects, I went in search of a spring in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel . After a short search, I was amazed at how many springs there are here with us! Super: I have a large selection. I found a lot of pictures, descriptions and tips, but there was one spring that really caught my attention: the thermal and mineral spring at the Ueßbach near Strotzbüsch.

Morning walk along the Ueßbach

So before I drove to the office yesterday, I made a short detour to Strotzbüsch. I drive through Hasborn, Oberscheidweiler and then come to the turnoff to the Strotzbüscher mill. Quite secluded in the valley is the "entrance" down to the spring. I go down the steep path and feel like in a fairy tale...I hear the Ueßbach already rushing and come to a small wooden footbridge...and I'm already standing on a wild meadow....In the middle of the meadow with a view of the mineral spring is a landscape lounger - unfortunately it is still wet and of course I do not have a cloth with I walk around a bit, take pictures of the Ueßbach and the spring and the slight rapids. And then I dare: I try the water from the source..a whole new feeling..have I soas actually not yet done 🙂 Result: A little it reminds me of salt water ...


After 15 minutes, I set off again.

Great view at the Ueßbach hut

And as I drive along the serpentines, I see a hut on the right side...I stop and run there: There stands the Ueßbachhütte. A relatively large shelter and rest hut for hikers, cyclists and walkers. I enjoy the great view into the foggy Siebenbachtal and then go to the office....

NOW the working day can begin...:)

Author: L. Konz

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