Healthy movement in the healing climate of the Volcanic Eifel


Do something for your health

Doctors are right to say that exercise is the best medicine. But if adaptation to natural climatic stimuli is added to normal training, the effects are greater and the body is also hardened. For example, when we hike in cooler weather, our body adjusts. Our organism is better supplied with blood and in the long run our sensitivity to temperature decreases significantly. We also achieve a similar effect if we expose ourselves to fresh air during sports, even in windy conditions, or - of course in a well-dosed manner - to the sun. Whether we hike along the Manderscheid Castle Trail to the historical gems such as the Upper or Lower Castles of Manderscheid, go mountain biking in the beautiful landscape or walk around the Maare, through activity in the healing climates we increase our general well-being and prevent illness. But since sport makes you hungry in any case, we can recommend, for example, the gastronomic establishments of the regional brand Eifel with their high-quality products such as mineral water, goat cheese, honey and apple juice or other regional delicacies for refreshment.

Author: Rainer Schmitz

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