Bad weather? Not in the Vulkaneifel HealthyLand!


Even if the weather today and over the carnival days will not come up with much sunshine or glorious snow, I still recommend to go outside. Because our body and also the soul needs light. The positive effect of light on body and soul is scientifically recognized. Light influences the "inner clock" of humans and animals via the optic nerve and thus our entire life. Hormone production and the release of messenger substances in the brain are controlled by the inner clock and thus also our well-being, our appetite, our sleep. And light does not only mean sunshine. As out into nature or concretely in our GesundLand to the Maaren or to the volcanic cones, to the numerous brooks or up on the mountain tops to be able to enjoy the great volcanic landscape. Even the so-called "dirty weather" has its charms: fog, drizzle or sleet showers let our volcanic Eifel appear in a different light. The flora and fauna present themselves in a completely different ambience than in sunshine. And our body is forced to adapt with the heart and circulatory system. We feel how the skin reacts. This is good for us. With appropriate clothing - which is available to us today - we can do something for our soul and for our body in any weather. The GesundLand Vulkaneifel cordially invites you. Helau and Allaaf.

Author: Rainer Schmitz

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