Historical castle festival on the Manderscheider Niederburg


Medieval spectacle in Manderscheid

...a feast for families and medieval fans!

My special recommendation today: How would it be a visit to theHistorical Castle Festival in Manderscheidnext weekend (24. and 25.08.2013). Knights, robbers, jugglers and all sorts of other dubious fellows move around Niederburg and tournament meadow. Experience history to understand history, this can be done in the beautiful surroundings of the tournament meadow, which welcomes us as a natural arena.

How heavy is a sword, how does one feel in chain mail, what did a lady wear, what a gentleman? What did people eat in those days? What did people do to pass the time? All these questions are answered by the Tomburg-Knights will answer all these questions by involving the guests in their camp life on the tournament field. Woodwork, handicrafts and bow making will be the focus of the demonstrations. Fairy tales and stories will be performed for young and old in the castle cellar by the group "Vom kleinen Volke". There will be enchanting stories about dragons, princesses and glorious heroes - and always with a wink.
The Spielleut of "Spectaculatius" "Ranunculus" and "Minstrels Cantoris" call on you to "sharpen your eavesdropping ears", because Schalmeyhurdy-gurdy, crumhorn and flute beguile the visitors. Swords and balls fly through the air, all kinds of invisible and magical things appear, so that the good citizen's eyes almost fall out of his head. The "Tournament of the Children" on the tournament meadow is another highlight in this year's children's program of the Historical Castle Festival.
Forzarello, the extraordinary juggler duo, will whisk guests young and old away into a dazzling world full of poetry and superstition. They enchant and outrage their audience in equal measure. Knight stories and other songs with Robert Klein and brother cases are in the wine tavern and on the Pallas of theLower Castleto hear.
Not to forget and always for shining children's eyes provide the "Lion Knights" with the great knight-tournaments and their daring fights. Particularly impressive is the night tournament on Saturday evening, which is followed by the tavern play. tavern game of the jugglers and minstrels and the great fire spectacle. High fencing skills will be demonstrated by the The actors of the fencing group "Bohemian Brothers" demonstrate high fencing skills with their sword fights in full armor.

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