Interview with the Viezkönigin of the vacation region Pulvermaar


Queen of Cattle of the vacation region Pulvermaar: Samira I.

On October 30, 2023, the 10th Viezkönigin of the Pulvermaar vacation region was crowned in Gillenfeld. Since then, the now 19-year-old Samira Willmes has held the office. In our interview, Samira, who comes from Brockscheid, tells us what makes the Pulvermaar vacation region special, what she has already experienced as Viezkönigin and why she decided to take on the office.

How did you get the idea to apply/run for Queen of the Viez?

I've been working at the barn cafe since I was 15 and have always followed the routine. It was clear to me that I also wanted to be Queen of the Viez when I came of age.

What are your tasks?

I represent the beautiful vacation region around the Pulvermaar and make people appreciate our delicious Viez. Furthermore, in times of climate protection, I draw attention to the preservation of the Vulkaneifel cultural landscape.

What does a Viezkönigin do when she is not representing the Pulvermaar vacation region?

Until recently I was still a student, however, I have now made my high school diploma . Otherwise you can find me in the cafe or on the surfboard.

What have you experienced so far as a Queen of the Vine?

Not so much yet, because events can not take place in the full framework due to after-effects by Corona. Nevertheless, in addition to my coronation, I was already allowed to be part of the gift-giving for the children at the Christmas market in Gillenfeld and to keep the seniors company at Nikolaus

What has been your highlight experience so far in being vice queen?

Clearly my crowning achievement, which I could celebrate with all my loved ones and colleagues.

What would you like to do differently than your predecessors?

To be honest nothing, because the queens before me have done their job so well , so that the office has already existed and continued for 10 years.

What do you like about the office?

It gives me the opportunity to jump over my shadow, to get out of myself and to expand my self-confidence. Furthermore, there is an exchange between people that I would never have met in this way.

What don't you like so much about the office?

The events are very seasonal , which is why in winter there is less to do than in summer.

Which events have you visited so far/where have you presented the Vacation Region Pulvermaar presented?

As mentioned above, so far not so much on the agenda, but in the future a few events are pending. These include the visit of the community Büttgenbach in Belgium, where Gillenfeld and Büttgenbach strive for a future community partnership, the spring festival in Gillenfeld and the Rhineland-Palatinate Day in Bad Ems.

What makes the vacation region around the Pulvermaar?

You can find many hospitable people and special activities with which you can experience something new every day.

Have you helped make Viez yourself?

Yes, I helped with the apple harvest, selection and juicing , so to speak, from the beginning to the final product, of course, with subsequent tasting.

What's your favorite drink?

Of course, our own Glühviez, but also the Mosel wine of all kinds has done it to me.

Cold Viez in summer or Glühviez in winter - which tastes better?

Quite clearly Glühviez , but I also drink it in the summer 😉

What can you already pass on to your successors?

One should take advantage of the year in which one holds the office, because such an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. In addition, it is important to face hurdles and not be afraid of new situations, which in the end will make you more confident.

Dear Samira, thank you very much for the interview! We wish you a wonderful and, above all, eventful term. 

Author: Yvonne Müller/Valerie Schneider

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