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"Pack your bathing suit!"

Vacation time - outdoor pool time!My tip today - thefamily outdoor pool in Manderscheid. Rightly you can call the wonderful on the edge of the Liesertal of the Lieser valley as a family pool. Among the attractions of the family outdoor pool are certainly the wide water slide, the diving tower (1 and 3 meters), the the baby and toddler pool, the flooraerator as well as the splash shower. In the paddling pool for toddlers, the splash wall and the water plate provide plenty of variety. Above all, the great, large sunbathing lawn with a variety of play options are ideal romping places for the kids. And the best is that parents can keep an eye on their children at all times.
The kiosk in the open-air pool will continue to provide entertainment and refreshments for visitors in the future. The new changing room and sanitary building has also been designed with disabled guests in mind. The handicapped changing room as well as a handicapped shower and toilet complete the new offer.
A special feature at the end and for the sake of the environment - the family outdoor pool in Manderscheid is heated with solar energy due to a solar system, which is installed on the available roof areas.
Further information Tourist Information Manderscheid, Tel. 06572-932665, Fax. 06572-933521. Further information also

Author: Rainer Schmitz

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