The Brubbel brubbel...


The Brubbel brubbel...

Here we go on my discovery tour through the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. Together with my family, I chose the small village of Wallenborn as my first stop. After a quick breakfast we got into the car and drove off. Since we were on the road for just under an hour, we had enough time to take in the passing scenery...endless meadows and fields, dense clouds of fog and much to the delight of our children - several Rehrudel. Here the world seemed to stand still. We drove slowly along the road and the deer looked at us cautiously. They were not afraid and did not run away. Our children were quite fascinated by these delicate, yet powerful creatures. The car ride was worth it for this moment alone.

After about an hour we had reached our destination: The Wallenden Born (also affectionately called Brubbel) in Wallenborn. The Brubbel is a cold water geyser that erupts without technical aids.

When we got out of the car, we were first met by a cold breeze. Here it was a few degrees colder than at home. We had not expected that and accordingly we were dressed airy. But that didn't matter, because exactly at the moment we got out, the bubbling er upted and our children ran loudly calling to the plant. But by the time we adults were at the geyser, the eruption was in full swing and the first (spectacular) phase was over. So it was clear: we wait for the next one! But that also meant: 35 minutes of waiting. Time for us to explain this natural spectacle to our children with the help of the display board and time for our children to play at the directly adjacent stream and to jump over the stones.

Gradually, the plant filled with visitors again and we quickly secured good seats on a small elevation so that we could see everything. Suddenly we heard a soft hiss and a huge column of water broke out of the geyser! Shortly thereafter, the geyser "simmered" for a while and, since the gas mixture also contains hydrogen sulfide, it smells unpleasant...but that does not bother anyone - on the contrary: Who knows children, knows: When it smells, they laugh 🙂

Author: L. Konz

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