On "Safari" at the Daun Game & Adventure Park


On "Safari" at the Daun Game & Adventure Park

Have you ever been to the largest wildlife park in Germany? If not, you should go on a wildlife park safari to Daun as soon as possible.

An 8-km-long auto-walking route with viewing platforms invites you to observe animals up close and even feed them. Numerous animals call the Daun Wildlife Park home. From the native black, red and fallow deer to llamas and meerkats, you can marvel at many species of animals here. The park is especially good for families with children. At the end of the autowalk route, there is an adventure world with many attractions such as a climbing volcano, a trampoline and a farm of mini animals. The mini animals include ponies, pot-bellied pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, squirrels and guinea pigs.

But that was not all the park has to offer. An 800m long circular trail leads through the approx. 6 hectare home of the Barbary macaques - the monkey gorge. The falconryalso offers a fantastic air show twice a day with impressive birds. These shows take place (except Fridays) at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Those who need refreshment after all these experiences will find a wide range of dishes in the Waldhaus Hirschberg, which is also located in the area of the game and adventure park.

If the "hunger for experience" has not yet been stopped, you can go on a rapid descent down the valley with the summer toboggan run. On a 800-meter-long track you whiz down into the valley and can determine the speed yourself.

I personally think the kangaroo baby is the cutest. Here is a video of the offspring: https://www.facebook.com/wildunderlebnispark/videos/549128575441809/

Author: Linda Bamberg

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