Island of peace in the middle of the forest: The juniper heath Bleckhausen


Hiking to the juniper heath

Autumn time transforms the GesundLand Vulkaneifel into a very special hiker's paradise. The forests are bathed in flaming red, intense orange and squeaky yellow. Nourished by a few rain showers, the streams ripple lively through the valleys like never before. You just have to grab your hiking boots and get out into nature!

My hike on the Heimatspur Wacholder-Kyll-Weg, which connects the beautiful and natural stream valleys of the Kleine Kyll and the Lieser, leads me directly into the nature reserve Wacholderheide Bleckhausen. Yes, they have unfortunately become rare, the juniper areas in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. This is directly related to the lack of cultivation of forest areas by sheep and goats. Where the sheep and goats do not keep the landscape free of scrub, thorn hedges and other branches, the juniper can also not develop freely.

I find this little piece of earth in the juniper heath, which lies pretty much in the middle between Daun and Manderscheid, all the more impressive. While I take my rest on the sun lounger at the edge of the nature reserve, I feel directly connected with the nature of the Volcanic Eifel. All around, everything is surrounded by a green ring of forest, in front of me the solitary juniper bushes and otherwise: silence - except for a few bird calls. I come to rest and feel a deep connection to Mother Earth.

The clouds that pass by very slowly in the sky are hypnosis for me, my everyday worries and the eternal carousel of thoughts are gone. Here I can completely enjoy the moment, the here and now and I feel as it were connected with nature around me, virtually grounded. Now I understand the motto of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel: "Feel the original life force of the earth". The contrast to everyday life with its hectic pace, fast pace, flood of information and noise could not be greater. I am grateful for this wonderful piece of earth, my personal islands of peace like the juniper heath. I succeed here as if by itself to feel a natural meditation, as it were.

Thus, my short rest becomes a longer stay, a stay, a stop and ultimately also an enjoyment of life. Nature in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel is grounding, powerful and stabilizing. We just have to get involved with it, see the small, often inconspicuous things along the way, which show themselves in autumn as beautifully as rarely before.

Author: Rainer Schmitz, HealthyLand Scout


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