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Where cycling becomes a vacation: Your cycling vacation in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel

The fact that the GesundLand Vulkaneifel with its breathtaking landscape is a true hiker's paradise has been known at least since its excellent rankings in the annual competition "Germany's most beautiful hiking trail". But the gently rolling hills, the enchanted stream valleys and the pristine surroundings do not only invite you to experience nature on foot.

If you prefer to get on the saddle and pedal, you can look forward to a wide range of routes for cyclists in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel. There is a suitable route for every cyclist: whether challenging, leisurely and easy, cycling under your own power or with the practical support of an e-bike - the landscape of the Vulkaneifel can be discovered in many ways.

Maare-Mosel cycle path: On the road with child and cone

The Maare-Mosel cycle path is a good tip for cycling tours with the whole family. If you choose the Maare-Mosel cycle path, you will cycle where the old steam locomotives once puffed. This is because the cycle path runs along the former railroad lines between Daun and Wengerohr and between Wengerohr and Bernkastel-Kues on the Moselle. The beauty of this bike path is that there are hardly any climbs to master on the way from Daun to Bernkastel-Kues. Most of the time you can comfortably cycle on a slope-free route or even downhill. This makes the Maare-Mosel cycle path particularly suitable for cycling with children.

From Daun to Gillenfeld, the Maare-Mosel Cycle Route is especially aimed at children as a children's cycle route. On this section, the characters Elli Eule, Freddi Fledermaus, Biggi Biene and Willi Basalt accompany the children on their bike tour through the Eifel. On boards along the way, the figures provide the children with exciting and instructive information on the topics of nature and volcanism. Another highlight is the former railroad tunnel "Großes Schlitzohr" near Schalkenmehren: the bike path leads 560 meters through the tunnel, which takes its name from a species of bat that lives in the tunnel. But don't worry: you will rarely see anything of these winged creatures during the bike tour.

If you need a break along the way, Schalkenmehren, Gillenfeld or the city center of Wittlich offer opportunities for a rest and refreshment. After about 60 kilometers in Bernkastel-Kues, the bike bus will take you back to Daun after prior reservation (reservation at

Cosmos bike trail Kleine Kyll: The small family bike tour

Shorter, but just as family-friendly is a bike tour along the Kosmosradweg Kleine Kyll. Its route is also almost climb-free and therefore particularly easy to ride. The bike path gives truly "cosmic" insights, because the infinite expanses of space come together here on the compact distance of 22 kilometers. On the first section, between Daun and Schutz, each meter covered by bike is equivalent to 500,000 kilometers in space. So you cycle from the sun to Mercury, Venus and Earth, all the way to Pluto. The planets are represented as steles along the way. On the second section, from Schutz to Meerfeld, every meter covered corresponds to 3 million years in the direction of the past or future - this makes the Cosmos Cycle Path an exciting journey through time between the present and the Big Bang.

The Cosmos Cycle Path leads you over 22 kilometers from Daun through the valley of the Kleine Kyll to Meerfeld. Meerfeld is a true natural paradise. Its jewel: the Meerfelder Maar. In summer, after a successful bike tour, nothing could be nicer than a jump into the cool water, because the Meerfelder Maar has a natural outdoor pool. A welcome cooling after the bike tour.

Adrenaline-packed trails for mountain bikers

Should you prefer the adventure on narrow, winding paths and unpaved roads to the asphalted paths and old railroad tracks to bring the mountain bike really up to speed, you will love the trails of the Trailpark Vulkaneifel. The Vulkaneifel offers full broadside mountain bike action, short or long, more elevation gain, more adventure or more scenery. The beads of sweat are free on these routes - or you can enjoy the welcome support of an e-mountain bike and master the challenges with ease. The tour suggestions combine riding fun with sportiness and enjoyment of nature - so get in the saddle!

How about, for example, a crisp 30.5 kilometers and almost 600 meters of altitude on the "Two Valleys" tour around Bad Bertrich, Lutzerath and Kennfus, which shines with a high proportion of single trails? If you want to look back on your mountain bike day happy, but exhausted, you are well advised to take this tour. The mountain bike fun starts in Bad Bertrich, where the first challenge awaits you: First, there are 200 meters of altitude to climb up to Falkenlay and Kennfus. In between, the first break is possible in the idyllic atmosphere of the Maischquelle. The water of the Maischquelle itself is not drinking water, but the local community of Kennfus has come up with something clever and practical here: as a natural refrigerator, the water of the spring cools refreshing drinks, which everyone can help themselves to for a small donation. A wonderful moment when the carbonic acid tingles on the tongue and the feeling of refreshment spreads throughout the body.

Afterwards, the route continues in the direction of Lutzerath, where the next bike tour highlight is already waiting: The viewing platform "Eifelblick Achterhöhe", which offers a panoramic view over the Siebenbach valley and the Eifel heights. This view is pure biking bliss! The small panoramic skywalk of the viewing platform juts out over a rocky outcrop and into the majestic valley - a unique experience! Afterwards you dive deep into the valley of the Üssbach and cycle through the most beautiful Eifel nature back to Bad Bertrich.

Eifel Pilgrim Cycle Route: Cycling with all senses

Under the motto "Monasteries, Churches, Pilgrimage and the Bicycle", the Eifel Pilgrims ' Cycle Route takes you on a quest for reflection, your own deceleration as well as peace and serenity past old churches, two inimitable monasteries and countless, lovingly restored, historically significant wayside crosses and wayside shrines. Small anecdotes, told with a smile in the vernacular, about answers to prayers or authentic stories about human fates of past centuries, in combination with an incredibly varied cycling experience, lead you over 45 kilometers from the Himmerod Monastery to the Siebenborn Monastery in Maring-Noviand. The tour has a varied routing and leads partly over gravel and natural as well as asphalt road sections.

Fancy a relaxing cycling vacation in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel? The guest and booking service is free to help with planning and booking. All further information here.

Without a bike in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel? No problem! At the GesundLand Tourist Information Daun, Leopoldstraße 5, you can rent e-trekking bikes for adults - including bike helmet, trailer for dogs or children (after prior registration). All further information as well as the booking option is available here.

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