Two streams accompany my hike


Two streams accompany my hike

The sun laughed from the bright blue sky. When I saw that from inside, there was no stopping me. For quite some time I had been toying with the idea of walking the 2-Bäche-Path in Hasborn to hike. As now the holiday offered a work-free day, I decided to seize the opportunity. Quickly packed the provisions backpack and off we went.

I parked my car in Hasborn. There were many parking spaces at the sports field, but the good weather had drawn many people outside, so that all the spaces were occupied. Fortunately, however, the adjacent residential area then still offered some possibilities.

I dived almost directly into the green forest. The sun conjured up delicate plays of lighton the ground in front of me through the swaying tops of the trees - a beautiful spectacle. After walking downhill for a bit, I made a short detour to a lost place off the trail: an old mill. It was fascinating to see nature reclaiming everything. Windows were broken out, grass covered the steps leading up to the half-ruined building. Strangely, an aura of peace and tranquility surrounded everything.

On the further way, on which the Sammetbach now accompanied me, I soon came across another highlight. Directly on the bank is the Hasborn acidulous well, from which natural mineral water rises to the surface. Even in earlier times, people often came here to tap mineral water. Of course, I had to taste the water. It tasted a bit sour and had a slightly reddish color, but I still found it very refreshing because you could also taste the carbonic acid.

After this short break, we went up again. In the process, I got quite sweaty. It was time to take off my jacket and finally let the sun on my from winter still quite pale skin.

It went even further uphill. On the way also Bambi let himself be seen briefly 😉 Finally I reached Oberscheidweiler. The first stage was done. Shortly before the place is a weather stone, by the way, which indicates the current weather. But to take so quite seriously, this meteorological station is probably not.

From Oberscheidweiler, I descended to the second stream of the hike: the Alfbach. The stream meandered along the path, accompanying my hike with a constant gentle murmur. Good-humored walkers came to meet me, and I was able to have a little chat with a hiking group. At some point I had to leave the brook and now again uphill in the direction of Niederscheidweiler climb. On the way I also passed this beautiful rock formation.

From Niederscheidweiler it was now not far until I came back to the starting point in Hasborn. I had to walk down to the stream once more and climb steeply back uphill, then it was done. By the way: On the way there was a great opportunity to have cool drinks.

But where that was, you'll have to find out for yourself....

Author: Kathrin Bayerschen

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