Weekend and sunshine in the herb garden


Weekend and sunshine in the herb garden

Weekend and sunshine - what could be better than spending a day full of relaxation with the kids in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel ? How nice that I am sitting right at the source and have all the info, tips and suggestions for leisure activities at my fingertips (Small tip: Soon our new GästeInfo will be released!).

For this Sunday we have chosen the parish and herb garden right next to the parish church in Greimerath. Even as we set off, it's pleasantly warm, the sun is shining in our faces, and the closer we get to the GesundLand Vulkaneifel, the greater our vacation mood becomes. And I ask myself: Why do we always go so far away on vacation? There are so many beautiful spots here in the Volcanic Eifel - which can be reached without a long drive and cackling children ...

Time stands still...pure deceleration!

Arriving in Greimerath I feel transported back in time....a very small village - thanks to Wikipedia I now also know that only 247 people live here - beautiful scenery, narrow streets, the houses covered with ivy vines and flowers, cobblestones and two old tractors parked at the roadside. In addition, an incredible silence; only now and then a quiet buzzing of bees and barking of dogs. Time simply stands still in the small Vulkaneifel villages 🙂

The children discover directly the beautiful playground below the parish church of St. George, which, by the way, is one of the cultural monuments in Greimerath. But now we first go to the herb garden. We walk once around the church...and because we are just playing...the children run towards the outdoor chess game next to the small hut with information boards about hiking trails, move the figures and then discover the herb witch. And curiosity is already aroused: "Mom, what are these "flowers"?... Why does the parsley look completely different than at home?...Oh, it smells good!...Dad, it smells like my pizza!"

We are then briefly on vacation ...

... sit down on the wooden bench, enjoy the beautiful summer weather, the children splash a little at the drinking fountain and we breathe in a variety of smells....there is nothing better!

Author: L. Konz

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