Unique tranquility at Windsborn crater lake


Hike through volcanic crater

With the camera in the luggage, today's volcanic Eifel tour leads to the Windsborn crater lake, between Manderscheid and Bettenfeld. A, as it turned out afterwards, very quiet and unique excursion in the Volcanic Eifel.

The way to Windsborn crater lake

Did you know that Windsborn Crater Lake is the only real crater lake north of the Alps?
A small forest path (about 700m), surrounded by green trees on the left and right, leads directly to the crater lake. The closer you get to Windsborn Crater Lake, the louder and louder you can hear the quacking of the ducklings.

Small forest path to Windsborn crater lake

My first stop is at a small forest crossing. A magnificent view of the crater lake and a suitable bench invite you to linger and enjoy.

Relaxation and tranquility at Windsborn Crater Lake

I walk a little further to the right and towards a narrow footbridge. No human being far and wide - only the ducks around me.
I sit down on the jetty, close my eyes and enjoy this silence for a few minutes - the wonderful, pleasant sounds of nature make me forget everything around me.

Pure idyll - small jetty at Windsborn crater lake

My next trip is fixed: the 15 km hiking tour "Meerfelder Maar and Windsborn crater lake". Then I will also face the ascent to the crater rim rising up to 30 m above the water level. From the summit cross you should have a unique view of the surrounding Eifel landscape and the Mosenberg-Meerfelder volcanic group - I can not miss it 🙂

P.S.: A small tip, if you want to convince yourself of the tranquility and the great view of the Windsborn crater lake: think of mosquito spray. I was stung from top to bottom after my little tour :-).

Author: T. Platten


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