Daun Maars in winter


Daun Maars in winter

I like the winter! And therefore I was really happy when on Saturday just in time for the weekend snowflakes fell from the sky again... Quite suddenly - quietly - it has started....and almost not stopped .... until now fall sporadically sometimes more, sometimes less flakes from the sky... I like the season simply.....the cold, the silence....everything seems peaceful and quiet...

Well, I admit: Driving a car in this weather is not really fun...but the beautiful landscape compensates: For me it went once again to the Maarsattel. This is my recipe when I want to "come down" quickly...a little round around the Weinfelder Maar - and the head is free again! Or in the morning, before I go to the office, I enjoy the first rays of sunshine, sit on the bench opposite the small chapel and let the view wander over the Maar...

And I have another tip: The sunset over the Schalkenmehrener Maar! Especially now, when the Maar is partially covered with snow and ice, it looks beautiful...

...why don't you see for yourselves 🙂

Author: L. Konz

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