At the youngest maar of the Eifel in Ulmen


At the youngest maar of the Eifel in Ulmen

When I think about my favorite place in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel, one thing immediately comes to mind: the Ulmener Maar. Among the maars of the Volcanic Eifel, it is a little special - the maar is not only the youngest volcanic lake in the region but also in all of Germany.

The Maar is located directly in Ulmen and is an integral part of the city. This is very convenient for me, as I work in Ulmen and can often pay a visit to the Ulmen Maar during my lunch breaks. And what always impresses me most is the soothing atmosphere and downright picturesque scenery that awaits me every time. You have a great view of the Eifel town of Ulmen with the St. Matthias Church reflected in the deep blue water. The crusader castle ruins tower above everything - it's worth the climb to enjoy an even wider view of the town and the Maar.

And as a so to speak "regular guest" of the Maar I can confirm that a visit is worthwhile at any time. Whether in spring, on warm summer days, immersed in colorful autumn colors or covered with snow. A walk around the Ulmener Maar is definitely worth a visit.

A little tip from me: Not to forget its "big brother" the Jungferweiher. Here, a volcano erupted about 120,000 years ago and left behind a dry maar over time, which is now filled with water. On the 3 km long circular path you can observe rare birds and plants or simply enjoy the wide view over the pond.

Author: S. Menke

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