Wax Manufacture Moll - a gift of a special kind


Wax Manufacture Moll - a gift of a special kind

Tools, wax blocks, molds and figures

Oh yes, I wish I had paid more attention in school. In certain situations, this sentence always comes to mind. It happened to me last night when I tried to remember what I had learned in history class about manufactories and their significance.

So then, I had to get the good old history book out of the closet again to do me its services. So I found out (again) that manufactory is composed of the Latin. "Manus" means hand, "facere" means to build/make/do. Aha, yes, sounds familiar, heard it before.

Why I would like to know what manufactory means? Today I went to Manderscheid to the "Wachsmanufaktur Moll", because you want to be at least a little prepared.

I received a friendly welcome right after the store opened: "Why don't you go to the workshop, Mrs. Rinneburger? Mr. Moll will be with you in a moment." No sooner said than done. So I went to the workshop directly attached to the store, where all kinds of tools, wax blocks, molds and figures were waiting for me. A very interesting insight!

Mr. Moll explained to me many interesting things about candles. There are many different types of wax, which have different qualities and different melting points. We also work a lot with natural waxes, for example beeswax, which partly comes from our own, as Mr. Moll so nicely puts it, "busy little Eifel bees". Working with beeswax is particularly time-consuming, he says, because it has to be cleaned so often. By hand. And there we are again with the concept of the manufactory. Everything is created by hand. All the figurines and molds in the store (and there are many of them) are developed in-house.

Why are people so fascinated by candlelight? Mr. Moll answers this as follows: "Well, no one likes to look into a light bulb or a neon tube, because it hurts your eyes! As an explanation he says: " Candles give a warm, living light. The flame pulls one into your spell, as it flickers so and consumes itself..." And how right he is. Right now at Christmas time, candlelight brings a wonderful mood to any room, it warms the hearts of everyone. It takes us back to a time that wasn't as fast-paced as today's is. Candlelight has so much more value and endurance, especially when you look at the lovingly handcrafted candles from Mr. Moll.

I hope you will now also feel warm in your heart when you light the candles of your Advent wreath at Christmas, sit together with family and friends, dine together and tell each other funny anecdotes in the flickering, warm light of the candles and let the evening end comfortably.

We at GesundLand Vulkaneifel wish you a wonderful, bright, warm and merry Christmas!

Author: L. Rinneburger


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Michael Moll
Today is the 13.6.2022 The beautifully written (just found while browsing the net) and no longer quite young text has lost nothing in timeliness or its message / content. I was very pleased!
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