There is no such thing as dirty weather - hiking in all weather conditions!


About the fascination of hiking in harsh weather conditions

In the beauty of bitter cold, the GesundLand Vulkaneifel is currently lying quietly in winter beauty between ancient maars and volcanoes. No weather for hiking? No way! There is no such thing as bad weather, there is only bad clothing that does not provide sufficient protection against wetness, wind and cold. So get out into nature, whatever the weather. There are no excuses - the land of maars and volcanoes unfolds its original, unspoiled beauty even or especially in the rain and cold. This is also the opinion of GesundLand scout Rainer Schmitz, who has discovered hiking in the rain for himself:

My experience has been that hiking in the rain is really fun. But you don't realize that until you put on a rain jacket and good waterproof shoes and set out even in seemingly dreary, uncomfortable and wet rainy weather. The first step - as so often in life - is crucial. If you've been meaning to get out there, do it. In my experience, hiking in the rain is really fun. Nature welcomes you with a strange, mystical atmosphere. The splashing of the rain and the drifting mist connect me in a special way with the nature around me. I see animals on my rain tour that I otherwise rarely encounter. Earthworms and even frogs venture out of hiding and enjoy the moisture and wetness.

 I can really enjoy the forests and valleys in the rain, because I am often alone on the road in such weather. For our respiratory tract it is a real blessing to walk through the forest in the rain. The air is clean and pure, because rain and wetness clean the air almost like a washing machine. Grass, pollen and dust are washed out of the air. The airways remain open and the air breathed can flow freely through the lungs. Essential oils and terpenes from the soothing forest air are a boon to my body.

With rain jacket, umbrella and rain poncho I protect myself from wetness and good footwear ensures that I do not slip on the slippery stones, on leaves or roots. Special care and attention is required here. Also, you should be careful during storms and thunderstorms and not take any risks.

By the way, especially for children exercise in the wet, rain, snow match is a great experience. Even In the wet and cold months, children should play and romp outside. Equipped with raincoat, rubber boots, hat and gloves, this is no problem and at the same time a great compensation the long sitting in school, in front of the TV or computer. Thus, especially autumn and winter are suitable for activities such as splashing in puddles, collecting leaves and flying kites.

So there are no more excuses and we do not know dirty weather. Get out into nature, whatever the weather.

Author: Rainer Schmitz, GesundLand-Scout, October 2021

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