Cistercian Abbey Himmerod


Cistercian Abbey Himmerod

You want to enjoy peace and quiet in a unique landscape? - Then my favorite place is certainly also something for you. Embark with me on a "journey into another world"! Not far from Manderscheid, in the Salm Valley, is the 850-year-old Cistercian Abbey of Himmerod. As soon as you pass through the gate to the abbey, you forget time and space. The first sight is the abbey church. A long straight line leads directly to the interior of this imposing building. The view goes into a wide, high church room with an impressive vault. In the center of the chancel hangs a simple wooden cross, which is directly illuminated by the sun through the side windows. The power that this church expresses in its simplicity is impressive. Take your time walking through the church, sit down and let the peace and quiet do its own thing. Right next door is the Chapel of Grace - a place that is a contrast to the large church. Light is provided only by a small window above the entrance door and the many candles that are lit here by the faithful. If one is alone in the chapel and nothing disturbs the silence, one is often also lucky to hear soft organ music from the Klais organ, which is located in the large church. The small wooden altar with the Mother of God and the Child Jesus invites one to simply unload the worries of everyday life here.

Time for me

I notice that I always feel a deep satisfaction when I leave the Chapel of Grace. So here it is still possible, the "arriving at oneself". When the weather is nice, I sit down on a bench for a little while, enjoy the special atmosphere of the Salm Valley, and recharge my batteries for the world outside the abbey gates. Often the way leads me afterwards still to the art and bookshop of the abbey. Here I always find small treasures which I then take home to bring a "little piece" of Himmerod to my loved ones. I am happy to live in this wonderful environment and that I can experience something so special whenever I feel the need.

Take a "piece" of Himmerod and a wonderful feeling of YOUR "journey into another world" into your everyday life.

Author: Nicole Reuter

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