My trip to the Pulvermaar


My trip to the Pulvermaar

My favorite place in the GesundLand Vulkaneifel is the Pulvermaar near Gillenfeld. It is located directly on the German Volcano Road and is the deepest maar in the Eifel. It is always worth a visit, whether in summer at 30°C or in winter at 0°C.

I find it especially nice to swim in the Pulvermaar or to go over it with a pedal boat. If you take a walk, you can enjoy the fresh air, the peace and the view of the water.

I can still remember exactly the last trip to the Pulvermaar. The sun was shining all morning and it was around 20°C outside. So the perfect weather for a pedal boat tour on the Pulvermaar. That's why some friends decided to go with us to Pulvermaar. When we arrived, there were already a few boats on the almost circular Maar. Therefore, we grabbed a boat and explored the Maar. In between we stopped and enjoyed the beautiful weather and of course the silence. As a reward for the strenuous pedaling in the long run, we treated ourselves to an ice cream at the end.

Author: Linda Bamberg

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