Tips for great tours: Through the Volcanic Eifel by mountain bike


7 varied routes for your mountain bike vacation in the Volcanic Eifel

Fancy adventurous trails, breathtaking scenery and endless cycling fun? The Volcanic Eifel offers you a broadside of mountain bike action - whether short or long, more altitude, more experience, or more landscape. We have put together seven tours for you to discover the complete diversity of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel by bike.

Volcano Trails - The Tour with Lava & Co - 18.5 km


Explore the beauty of the volcanic land on your mountain bike tour around Dreis and Dockweiler and discover the traces that volcanism has left in the region.

You start in the center of Dreis, where you can take a taste of the water from the Vulkania healing spring - a real Eifel Drees - before you start cycling. From Dreis you will enter the wonderful landscape of the Volcanic Eifel, which will enchant you with gently rolling hills, babbling brooks and lush forests. Past the outskirts of Dockweiler and the Dockweiler lava pit, forest and field paths lead halfway around the Ernstberg. Along the Berlinger Bach, a detour will take you to the banks of the Kleine Kyll near Pelm and back again. Past the lava pits of Hohenfels-Essingen, the route continues towards Betteldorf. The view of the Döhmberg accompanies you all the way to the Dreiser Weiher. The Dreiser Weiher is a dry maar of huge dimensions. It is one of the largest maars in the Eifel and was formed 50,000 to 100,000 years ago - in terms of geological history, a blink of an eye.


Two valleys tour - The tour around Bad Bertrich - 30.5 km


A moderately difficult tour around Bad Bertrich, Lutzerath and Kennfus with a high proportion of single trails that will leave you exhausted in the evening, but happy to look back on the day!

The tour starts in Bad Bertrich. Riding past the small village on your bike provides a welcome contrast to the idyllic spa town. Now an ascent awaits you, which is quite a challenge: More than 200 meters in altitude up to Falkenlay and Kennfus. At the Maischquelle spring you can take a short break and enjoy cold drinks from the natural fridge before heading to Lutzerath. Past Hammes Heiligenhäuschen, the trail first leads you to the Achterhöhe viewing platform, where you should definitely make a first stop. The view over the Siebenbach valley is unique from this small skywalk, which juts out over a rocky outcrop! Along the Üssbach, the trail leads through the forest along narrow, exciting paths back to Bad Bertrich, which is located in a dreamy and secluded spot in the Roman basin.


Bike & Swim - The Trailpark Duathlon - 35.3 km


On this mountain bike tour around Manderscheid, Eisenschmitt and Meerfeld you can elegantly combine two of the most beautiful outdoor sports: Cycling and swimming.

We start at the Himmerod Monastery, which you can take a closer look at before the tour begins. The baroque monastery church will impress you. You will then drive through the idyllic valley of the Salm towards Eisenschmitt. As soon as you have left the small village behind you, pure Eifel nature awaits you. The Salm valley will enchant you with its pristine beauty as you ride through sparse forest passages to Meerfeld. Once there, you can take a tour around the Meerfelder Maar. In summer, you can take a short swim here before getting back on the saddle and pedaling down the valley of the Kleine Kyll. The Heidsmühle invites you on the outskirts of Manderscheid in a wonderful location for a rest with coffee, cake and Eifel delicacies. Afterwards, you can look forward to exciting trails through the Eifel forests as you pedal along the Fischbach stream back to Himmerod.

From Maar to Maar - The Volcano Lakes Tour - 35.6 km


Enjoy the unmistakable beauty of the Eifel maars on this tour: the landmarks of the volcanic Eifel will enchant you with their unfathomable depths and atmosphere.

Not far from Mehren you swing yourself onto the bike saddle and start your exploration tour around the maars of the Eifel. First you plunge into the endless expanses of the volcanic Eifel nature. Here, sparse forests await you with a varied route that will make your biker's heart beat faster. The route leads to the historic town of Ulmen, where you can take a short detour to the youngest maar in the Eifel, the Ulmener Maar, and to the oldest maar, the Jungferweiher. Afterwards, the route leads through the Üssbach valley to Schönbach. From then on you follow field and forest paths to the Eifel village Darscheid near Daun. Afterwards you will dive back into the nature of the Volcanic Eifel. Forest passages accompany you to the outskirts of Daun, before you gather your strength to master the climb up to the Mäuseberg. Once you have reached the top, you can roll downhill around the Weinfelder Maar. Over the Maarsattel you cycle over the height of the Schalkenmehrener Maar until you end in Meerfeld.


Tour de Nature - Eifel Mineral Springs - 39.6 km


Water is the basis of all life - on this tour you will go in search of the origins of this elixir of life! Around Daun, numerous springs bubble up from the ground, testifying to the region's volcanic past and containing valuable minerals. On this tour you can visit six of these springs - in the volcanic Eifel they are called "Dreese" - and get a taste for yourself. You start in Daun and cycle first to the Daun spa park, where the Dunaris spring is located, whose water is a state-approved healing water. Passing the Gemündener and Weinfelder Maar, up to the Maarkreuz and with a view of Schalkenmehren you cycle to Mehren and from there to the Darscheider Drees, the most ferruginous spring in the Volcanic Eifel. Then you cross Rengen and pass the Rengener Drees, whose water was often used to bake waffles in the past. Via forest paths you go back in the direction of Daun.


The Eifel in view - the gourmet tour - 44.6 km


A tour that offers numerous Eifel highlights: From mineral water springs to the Maare and untouched stream valleys, you can look forward to full enjoyment of nature!

You start out in the historic Eifel town of Ulmen and from there ride leisurely downhill toward Schönbach. At Darscheider Drees, a mineral spring of volcanic origin, you can fill up your water bottle and look forward to a taste of mineral water made in Eifel. You will leave the Daun district of Boverath on your right before cycling along the outskirts of Daun to the spa gardens. The Daun Kurpark welcomes you with its scenic surroundings. If you like, take a detour to the Dunaris spring and taste the water of another Dreeses. You can use the refreshment: Now it's uphill towards Mäuseberg and the well-known Dronketurm, which promises a fantastic panoramic view. Past the Weinfelder Maar and over the Maarsattel, the route leads to Schalkenmehren and past the village of Steineberg. Enjoy a nature experience when you touch the juniper heath Geisert, before you rush down into the Üssbach valley and the tour ends in Ulmen.


Monastery & Castle - The History Tour - 55.1 km

After starting at Deudesfeld and passing the village of Weidenbach, you will reach Wallenborn. There it is worthwhile to deviate briefly from the route and stop at the Wallenden Born, a small cold water geyser. Afterwards, Walmer Bach and Marschbach accompany you to Niederstadtfeld. You can look forward to pure nature: On forest paths you ride through the original and idyllic valley of the Kleine Kyll to Schutz and from there to the castle town of Manderscheid. If you want, you can take a break there and stop in one of the restaurants. Afterwards, you will drive further and further down into the valley of the Kleine Kyll, which will enchant you with its unspoiled beauty. You will make a detour to the monastery of Himmerod, whose baroque monastery church will captivate you. Are you looking for a souvenir? You will find something in the small monastery shop. Through sparse forest sections you cycle further in the direction of Bettenfeld and back to the starting point in Deudesfeld.



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