Maar im GesundLand Vulkaneifel
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Sourrounded by three eyes of the Eifel, as the volcanic lakes are called, Daun is not only a health resort due to the curative properties of its climate, but also a town with attractive shopping possibilities.

  • Dauner Maare von oben © Max Mustermann

The resort of Daun, with its healthy fresh air and Kneipp therapy treatments, is right by the 'Eyes of the Eifel' – three volcanic lakes – and boasts many inviting attractions.
With a history going back 1,280 years and quiet, relaxing spots such as the Dunaris medicinal springs, the Kurpark or the acidic mineral springs, this town makes a great place to spend a holiday visiting a spa, hiking or cycling. Especially as the Maare-Moselle cycle trail starts in Daun and the Eifelsteig hiking trail goes through the town.
The volcanic lakes, the Leisure and Wildlife Park and the spa and swimming pool are also very popular.



GesundLand Tourist information office
Leopoldstraße 5
54550 Daun

+49 (0)6592 951370


Highlights in Daun


Maar-Moselle cycle trail

Daun offers cycling fun for young and old through the fascinating landscape of Vulkaneifel.

Wie Perlen aufgereiht liegen die Dauner Maare in die Landschaft gebettet.

The maars of Daun

The maars of Daun are probably the most well-known volcanic lakes. They gleam in the landscape like pearls on a string.

Wildpark_Daun.jpg © Wild- und Erlebnispark Daun

Daun Leisure and Wildlife Park

Discover all kinds of animals on a tour around Daun Leisure and Wildlife Park. An exciting day for young and old.

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