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Bad Bertrich

Where it is at its best between the Moselle and Eifel

Between Vulkaneifel and the Moselle, in the idyllic valley of Üßbachtal, lies a small haven of leisure: Bad Bertrich. A place that offers the perfect blend of natural scenery, spa treatments and fine food.

Whether you like to get out and about or would rather relax, Bad Bertrich is a pure treat for your body and soul.
Come and visit, and discover some real oases of pampering and wellbeing, along with true hospitality. We hope you have a great holiday and enjoy your stay.


Bad Bertrich

Kurfürstenstraße 32
56864 Bad Bertrich

(+49) 2674 – 932 222
(+49) 2674 – 932 225

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