Maar im GesundLand Vulkaneifel
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Daun Adventure & Wildlife Park

This roughly 220 ha wildlife park is right in the heart of the Eifel region, in a mixed forest.

The self-drive trail, about 8 km long, takes you through the lovely landscape of Vulkaneifel with its hills, valleys and streams. The animals can roam freely on the extensive grounds and are accustomed to contact with people at the stands where visitors can get out of their car.
The following animals can be seen: mouflons, wild yak, llamas and rheas, red deer, fallow deer, bird of prey enclosure, Apes' Ravine with Barbary macaques.

Opening hours:

5 March – 15 Nov.: 10.00 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Leisure park:

Adults: €7

Children (age 4-15): €5

Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children): €22

Groups of 15 adults or more: €6 per person

Groups of 15 children or more: €4 per person

Summer toboggan run:

Adults: €2.50 (a ride)

Children: €1.50 (a ride)




Daun Adventure & Wildlife Park

Wildparkstraße 1
54550 Daun

(+49) 6592 315 4
(+49) 6592 315 4

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