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The Steineberger Ley

Steineberger Ley can be spotted from afar thanks to the Volcano Information Platform standing up above the hill. Climbing the 139 steps gives you a breathtaking view from 580 m over the surrounding Vulkaneifel landscape: gently rolling hills, almost symmetrical crater cones, lush fields with villages dotted here and there.

But it is not only this impressive structure with its even more impressive view that makes Steineberger Ley a good insider tip. The surrounding beech woods, their floors carpeted with spring woodruff, exude an enchanting appeal.

Venturing down the narrow forest paths, you will soon stumble across a striking collection of pearly green, mossy stones scattered among the trees in a wide ring. Probably in around 500–200 BC, Celts built a hill fort here over about 2 hectares of land. A circular rampart protected them against enemies, and the crumbled walls can only be seen today in the form of stones loosened from their mortar. It takes about 20 minutes to walk around the ramparts; seven information points provide interesting details about the life of the Celts.

NB: In the Eifel, 'Ley' means a rock or a cliff; usually the name also indicates that it is made of slate. 

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