Maar im GesundLand Vulkaneifel
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A spa town to breath

This spa town and Kneipp therapy centre with healthy fresh air is aimed at diseases of the upper respiratory tract, cardiovascular disorders, extreme fatigue, convalescence and more. Nestled in a lovely volcanic landscape, its extensive mixed forests make an inviting spot for a hiking or cycling holiday.

As well as many hiking and cycling trails, the well-known Eifelsteig trail and the Vulkanbike Trailpark also pass through Manderscheid.
Apart from this, plenty of fascinating attractions such as the castles, the Kurpark with its spa rooms, the Maar Museum and the medicinal baths make the town an attractive place to spend a spa holiday or short break.



GesundLand Tourist Information Manderscheid
Grafenstraße 21
54531 Manderscheid

49 (0)6572 9989 005
+49 (0)6572 9989 009


Highlights in Manderscheid

Wanderer auf dem Eifelsteig vor den Manderscheider Burgen


The exciting Eifelsteig hiking trail winds 313 kilometres from Aachen to Trier via Manderscheid, going through the Eifel...

Die Ober- und Niederburg in Manderscheid

Manderscheid castles

Things have not always been as peaceful in Manderscheid as today. Oberburg and Niederburg castles are just a stone's...

Alles zu Maaren und Vulkanismus gibt es im Maarmuseum Manderscheid zu entdecken

Manderscheid Maar Museum

Spectacular simulations, fascinating models and unique 45-million-year-old finds such as the 'Eckfeld Ancient Horse' can...

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