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Back pain is one of the most common complaints: it can be caused by a lack of exercise or repetitive physical tasks – or equally by stress or problems at home or at work. As well as the conventional back pain exercises offered in increasing number at companies, evening classes or physiotherapy sessions, it is particularly helpful and a great preventive measure to take short breaks from your everyday routine.

At Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion, the relaxing healing effects of untouched natural surroundings reinforce the impact of massages, aqua aerobics, Eifel fangotherapy and other curative methods. Your spine is strengthened so that you can face life with your head held high and enjoy full freedom of movement. 

Freed from pain, at Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion you will regain your love of activity. Back pain is often not only due to physical causes such as wear and tear: your state of mind can also often play a part. When you are under too much stress and strain, your back lets you know. Enjoying natural surroundings, finding peace of mind and feeling centred can work wonders when there is too much on your shoulders.

Healing springs give you ease of movement
At Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion you can find the perfect combination of unspoilt nature and curative expertise. Rhythmic Nordic walking around the volcanic lakes of the Eifel will relieve you of tension and back pain, as will a medicinal massage by qualified, friendly physiotherapists in the open air or luxurious spa surroundings.

Choose from reiki or acupuncture, fangotherapy or craniosacral therapy, targeted physiotherapy or heat treatments. And wherever you spend your holiday here at Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion, you will discover spectacular treasures from Earth's history. The mysterious volcanic lakes are known as the 'Eyes of the Eifel'; with rare plants and meadow orchards blossoming on their banks, they are surrounded by thick mixed forests where you can breathe deeply and let the burdens of everyday life simply slip from your thoughts. This archetypical landscape gives you the sanctuary and relaxation you need to get your back moving again flexibly and free of pain.

Float and forget everyday life
Enjoy near-weightlessness at Germany's only Glauber's salt thermal baths, in Bad Bertrich: float in naturally warm water at 32 degrees Celsius, do revitalising aqua aerobics with an expert coach, or simply lie back and let go. Pure pleasure for your body. Massage jets treat your back to gentle pressure, either in the tropically inspired atmosphere of the indoor pool or in the outdoor pool with its view of thick gallery forests.
Bad Bertrich is the only place to offer special natural volcanic fangotherapy: the mud is enriched with water from the thermal spring containing Glauber's salt and is particularly effective at relieving muscle tension and stiff knots of tissue. At Bad Bertrich the curative powers of the Eifel volcanoes meet Far Eastern healing skills.

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