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Wasser als wichtiger Bestandteil von Therapie und Prävention

The Kneipp treatment, developed more by chance than design by Dr Sebastian Kneipp over 150 years ago, is trendier than ever today. These water treatments do your whole body good and help improve your wellbeing. In the special surroundings of Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion a Kneipp treatment is not just sensible – it's also great fun.

Sebastian Kneipp – from the 'water doctor' to the father of holistic therapy

Bäche und natürliche Quellen im GesundLand Vulkaneifel

It all began when the seminarian Sebastian Kneipp suffered from tuberculosis brought on by a life in poverty as a weaver's son, poor nutrition and overwork. By pure chance Kneipp stumbled across a book by Dr Johannes Sigmund Hahn on the powers and effect of water. This book was to change his whole life. In the depths of winter he climbed into the ice-cold Danube, then put his clothes back on, ran home and sweated it out in bed at his seminary.

What seemed like reckless dicing with death turned out to be effective. Sebastian Kneipp got better again, and wanted to share his experience directly with others. After his legendary swim in the Danube, Kneipp tried out many other showers and baths on himself, using these experiments to develop his own system of treatment.
Over time he made the system more balanced by adding other life spheres. Today these are considered the 'standard elements' of any holistic therapy.
The Kneipp method is based on five tenets: hydrotherapy, active and passive exercise, a balanced, varied diet, the healing powers of herbs, and inner balance; examining the way you personally live your life.  A person can only achieve balance when their health regime is based on all five tenets.

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