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Gesund bleiben mit Diabetes

Suffering from Diabetes mellitus, but don't actually feel ill? Perhaps you get on just fine with your diagnosis and only notice every now and then that your metabolism isn't in perfect rhythm? Perhaps you manage perfectly well on an everyday basis but would now like to get a little more exercise into your life, or maybe become really sporty?  It's achievable, even with diabetes!

Genussvoll genießen mit Diabetes

You are not alone
In Germany, about 7 million people currently live with a diagnosis of Diabetes mellitus. This is a metabolic disorder characterised by high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia). It is triggered when the body does not produce enough insulin (which regulates the body's blood sugar metabolism), or when the insulin does not have a sufficient effect.

Diabetes is a widespread disease which often has a devastating effect, yet it is possible, and even advisable, to live a healthy life as a diabetic. At Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion the hotels and holiday resorts are well adapted to diabetics – especially those who do not actually feel ill at all and do not want to be treated as patients, but still have special requirements.

Get on just fine with your Type I diabetes, but want to get a better grip on your individual symptoms?  No problem: we can help. Are you a sportsperson who has just been diagnosed with diabetes? Or a diabetes sufferer who just loves sports? We can put together the perfect action plan for you and get you into gear.

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