Maar im GesundLand Vulkaneifel
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Volcanic landscape

Volcanoes – a landscape shaped by water and fire

There is no other place with as many tangible reminders of the Eifel's eruptive past as Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion. Volcanic activity has left a lasting mark on this countryside, as can be seen from the cinder cones, basalt and pumice, hot springs and icy volcanic lakes still left today. This is a place where geology springs to life, attracting tourists and scientists from all over the world.

Geologists have identified almost 400 eruption centres in the region. An initial phase about 45 to 35 million years ago created the Eckfeld Maar, for instance, today a valuable site for finding fossils from the Tertiary Period. In about 8000 BC the eruption of the volcano at Ulmen Maar marked the end of a second period in which magma from beneath the earth's crust tried to force a way to the surface.

These souvenirs of the past, large and small, mean there is plenty to see, discover and be amazed by at Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion. On the following pages we have selected some of the prettiest, most informative and multifaceted destinations. Dive into the magic of geology!

Der Windsborn-Kratersee – einziger Kratersee nördlich der Alpen

Volcano highlights

We have selected our own highlights from the countless reminders of the Vulkaneifel's past, just for you. Discover volcanic bombs, moors and exciting geological phenomena.

Das Weinfelder oder Totenmaar bei Daun

Maars - the 'eyes of the Eifel'

The 'eyes of the Eifel': that is how maars (volcanic lakes) are often described. With their blue waters  and thick forests they are an inviting spot for hiking and recuperation. Some are real treasure troves for...

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