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Manderscheid Castle Festival

A fanfare sounds out: the Knights of the Lion parade in all their glory in front of a crowd of onlookers. With their bows and lances they first battle the 'wild boar' then give the audience a taste of their skills at archery. Then comes the great moment: a man-to-man battle is announced. The first knights are in place; at a signal the horses gallop forwards, snorting. The lances are lowered…

This is the highlight of the annual Historic Castle Festival at the end of August at Niederburg Castle, Manderscheid. The beauty and joy of the Middle Ages are brought back to life here, captivating thousands of visitors every summer. Story singers, entertainers and craftsmen show off their skills and arts; mediaeval musicians put on a great show – a bright and colourful spectacle.
Younger visitors especially will love a trip to the Castle Festival: it's packed with great things to see. The puppet theatre in the castle cellars with stories and tales from days long gone – or the children's tournament at Niederburg palladium. A brilliant day out for families, which is why the organisers deliberately keep admission prices at a family-friendly level.

Next Historic Castle Festival will take place in August 25 and 26, 2018. For more information see 

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