Maar im GesundLand Vulkaneifel
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The town at the Maar

Discover Ulmen in the Eifel region, a town shaped by volcanic activity. Ulmen features a beautiful nature conservation area including Ulmen Maar and Jungferweiher Maar.

The Vulkan-Rad-Route cycling trail goes through Ulmen, as does the Vulkanbike Trailpark, making it a great place for a cycling holiday. The spa town also offers lovely tours for the hiking holiday of a lifetime.



GesundLand Tourist information office
Marktplatz 1
56766 Ulmen

+49 (0)6592 951370


Highlights in Ulmen

Das Ulmener Maar – Junger Heißsporn

Ulmen Maar

Junger Heißsporn - 'Young Firebrand' - the perfect name for this 11,000-year-old maar, the youngest in the Eifel.

Seitenansicht der Burgruine Ulmen

Ulmen castle ruin

The few walls of the once impressive castle of Ulmen tower over the steep banks of Ulmen Maar, providing a fabulous view...


Jungferweiher Maar

This 170,000 square metre big volcanic lake is under nature conservation and contains a great flora and fauna.

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