Maar im GesundLand Vulkaneifel
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Pleasant effect of volcanic landscape

"Nature recovers one's health" - about this statement nobody has doubts anymore. On the contrary! More and more people intentional look for a proximity to nature in their holidays and leisure time. The scientific approach to this theme is the foundation of GesundLand Vulkaneifel because the region therefor offers best conditions with its untouched nature, its maars (volcanic lakes) and its woodland.

  • Am Ufer des Ulmener Maars
  • Saftig grüne Landschhaft
  • Sommerliche Luftaufnahme Holzmaar

At some time or another most of us will have noticed that certain landscapes have a special effect on us human beings. And most of us will probably agree that a nice walk in the fresh air does you good, or that a trip to the country puts you in a good mood.  There are some places on earth where this feeling is especially strong. Therapeutic Landscapes stand out for their picturesque countryside and wide range of health-promoting facilities.

The term 'Therapeutic Landscape' can be traced back to the American scientist Wilbert Gesler, who coined the phrase in 1992. He identifies two types:

1. landscapes with picturesque scenery and health-promoting facilities aimed mainly at relaxation
2. landscapes with a rich assortment of health facilities ('landscapes of care')

Vulkaneifel HealthyRegion is one such Therapeutic Landscape. Rolling hills, green meadows, forests, medicinal springs and maars (volcanic lakes) are complemented by a comprehensive range of health facilities, from landscape therapy (like Achtsamkeits-Pfad Kleine Kyll or Landscape Therapeutic Park) to specialised clinics.

The effects of Therapeutic Landscapes are by no means just a question of therapy; they are also about preventive treatments and general wellbeing; highly important factors in staying healthy. It is important not just to react to an illness, but to do something for your health beforehand. We can use this concept of salutogenesis ('the formation of health', from Lat. 'salus' = health and Gr. 'genese' = origin, formation) for our own good, avoiding many illnesses right from the start.

Since that time several investigations have shown, among other things, that an attractive, peaceful landscape has positive effects on your blood pressure. In psychology, too, the natural environment and landscape can achieve positive results when properly applied. The University of Bonn recently completed a scientific project on the link between nature conservation and health.

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